Multicultural Knowledge of Mental Health Practices

Admissions Requirements

Students will be admitted on a continuous basis. Post-master's students will submit a transcript and letter of intent. Students currently in a graduate program will submit a transcript, letter of intent and must demonstrate a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA. Students are sought from a wide variety of disciplines, and thus, there is no specific background required for the program. Please note that transfer credits will not be accepted.

Continuation and Exit Requirements

Students will take exams in each module. Students must complete the exam in each module with at least an 80% correct response rate to move to the next module. Courses 1 and 2 will have quizzes for all four modules. Students may repeat the quiz until they pass it, but all modules must be completed successfully by the end of the semester or the student fails the course.

Courses 1 and 2 (COUNS 704 and 705) must be completed successfully to enroll in any of the elective courses. The population-specific courses will have quizzes for each of four modules and responses to a provided case study as the capstone requirement. Students will receive Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory as a final grade in each course.

Contingent upon completion of program requirements (15 credits) the Program Coordinator and the Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology will give final approval of the Certificate in Multicultural Knowledge of Mental Health Practices.